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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Admission Essay
Topic 4
Sectional Champs
At the beginning of the first week of sectionals, nobody had the Valparaiso Vikings winning the Sectional Championship. A majority of the people had us losing in the first round due to the pitching matchup. We faced Ohio State bound Jake Post, recently after he had gotten drafted to the MLB by the Pittsburg Pirates. I had already beaten him once, but I had to keep his team scoreless in order to do so. Once again, I was able to get the complete game win under my belt in the first sectional game, while recording a fourteen strikeout performance. Following this game everyone doubted us even more going up against the favorite, fourth overall team in state, Crown Point Bulldogs. We played them on Wednesday, following up from both of our first games on that Monday. We were winning the entire game, up until things began to slip up in the last inning. We had to put in two new pitchers in that inning before my Coach had asked me if I could come into record the last couple of outs. I jokingly said yes, and laughed considering the fact that I had thrown one hundred and twenty-seven pitches just two nights prior. He responded by putting in a third new pitcher, but after he walked the first batter he had faced on just four pitches. Coach Coyle had no other decision on his mind other than to put me in. I got the ball with bases loaded and just one out with the tying run on third base and the winning run in scoring position on second. I struck out the first batter, and then the second batter hit a slow roller that should have ended the game, but it was misplayed continuing the game. I recorded the final out of the inning, and then we went into extra innings. Both teams battled the next full inning, but neither teams scored. In the ninth inning, we finally scored, and with my arm hanging I had to let the adrenaline take over to finish off the game. I finished off the game and recorded my second win in less than forty-eight...
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