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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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Emily Ayala
March 11,2009
Period 6 AVID
Going To College;

Throughout my life I have gone through very unfair things. There is always something between me and achieveing my goals, although those things aren't there to make life hard, but to make me fight for what I want. Before I used to say I didn't want to go to college and even if I did I wouldn't make it. Now I have a whole new different perspective and I really want to go to college to have both a good future and life. The reason there should be a spot for me in college are so many. I want to be the first one to graduate from college in my family. I want to be someone my little cousins would admire, a rolemodel. I would show them that even through the inequalities, the lack of money, and unfairness, I made it to college. Also I have my want of making something out of my life, no one wants to be a nobody. If you have the faith and belief in yourself, perseverance and effort, anything can be accomplished. If I make it to college I can help out and encourage my family to do the same. I want to go to college and graduate to become a Pediatrician which is what i've wanted to do all my life. I enjoy being with kids and I'd love to help them out. I could do all of this and more but going to college is a MUST. With a college education I'll achieve anything I set my mind, soul, and heart to do. I would try my best at everything, and stand on my own 2 feet, for my family, and especially for myself. If I get to receive a college education I would feel as if i'm on top of the world. Those are the reasons why their should be a spot for me in college.
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