Aviation Security and the Continued Terrorist Threats on Our Nations Airports, Airlines and Infrastructure

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The title of this report is “Aviation Security and the Continued Terrorist Threats on our Nations Airports, Airlines and Infrastructure.” The purpose of this report is to discuss the current security deficiencies associated with airports, airlines and the nation’s infrastructure. Security prior to September 11, 2001 at most of the nations’ airports were chaotic at best, the air carriers were directly responsible for providing security services (i.e., passenger, baggage, and carry-on screening). Unfortunately, the security provided was substandard, the air carriers were more concerned with profits rather than providing a level of security that would ensure all travelers were properly screened prior to boarding.

As stated previously the air carriers were directly concerned with the bottom line, security services were contracted to the lowest bidder. With this mentality training and compliance by the security contractor failed in numerous areas to provide adequate security (based on FAA reports).

The following paragraphs explain the problem(s) and question(s) that this researcher will endeavor to answer. Problem Statement

Since I am currently, an assistant airport security manager the topic that I have selected focuses on airport security and the continued terrorist threat on the nation’s airlines and infrastructure. This report will delve into the continued lack of support by the United States government, and the further away from September 11, 2001 we get the more complacent the American people become.

Research Question

"With the sweeping changes in laws and enforcement actions, have this country and its citizens been any safer?"

Furthermore, this researcher will endeavor to explain that the breakdown in security by several airlines and various governmental agencies exacerbated the problem thus leading up to the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.

Finally, because of the public outcry the Congress took sweeping actions and adopted the necessary laws that have changed the face of air travel. These laws that were adopted took the screening of passengers and their baggage out of the hands of the airlines and the private security companies that were charged with these tasks, and placed it in the hands of the government.


Quantitative methodological approach:

Since this topic encompasses many aspects and or areas of security the ideal method this researcher will utilize will be “quantitative methodology. The idea of reviewing previous research will provide the foundation upon which this researcher will base this study on. The gathering and use of statistical data will greatly aid in understanding material. The following are a few examples:

* Secondary analysis, like content analysis, makes use of already existing sources of data. However, secondary analysis typically refers to the re-analysis of quantitative data rather than text; utilizing credible research aids in answering the researchers questions and adds credibility and validity to the research.

* The aim is to classify features, count them, and construct statistical models in an attempt to explain what is observed.

* All aspects of the study are carefully designed before data is collected.

* Quantitative data is more efficient, able to test hypotheses, but may miss contextual detail.

The intended purpose of the quantitative approach:

* The information gleaned from the research will provide insight into statistical data regarding the cost of security both before September 11, 2001 (airline managed) and post September 11, 2001 (government managed).

Qualitative methodological approach:

* The content analysis study is ideal for studying or identifying specific characteristics of a program. This concept would be ideal for studying aviation security since this...
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