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Aviation Logistics

By | November 2012
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Looking at the development of supply chains or history, how has

Disintermediation played role in the integration of local, regional

And international supply chains.

In your answer discuss the role of freight forwarders in the aviation


No doubt that globalisation has turned the world into small village so transferring goods, information, people and energy has become more easier than before but it puts burdens and adds more responsibilities on our shoulders towards supply chains in controlling, keeping clean routes and maintaining smooth transferring , thus in this essay I want to define the middlemen, indicating their role in supply chains, identifying disintermediation effects on supply chains and explaining freight forwarders role in aviation industry more over discovering the market need nowadays to the middlemen . Middlemen definition:-

((Is a person or organisation that facilitates the business relation ship between a buyer and a seller, and earns tangible gain from its activity)). (Inet conference, 2000, june30). Some of us when they have the desire to purchase value things they will go directly to the seller and do the transaction face to face with out intermediation, for in stance you bought branded T.V from electronic devices show room and your friend ask you to purchase another one for him from the same place and you paid the same payment to the show room with out gaining value , in spite of having intermediation in this transaction but it is not example for middleman because you did not get tangible value from your friend , but if the seller lowered the T.V...

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