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AVG – that’s short for Anti Virus Guard – is a PC security package that provides comprehensive protection against the latest threats on the internet today. It is supported and trusted by millions of users across the globe. The authors of AVG provide free antivirus and antispyware protection for home users because for them, it’s a win-win situation  - you get the protection you need, and they get to know about any viruses you encounter which helps keep the protection comprehensive. Please feel welcome to take a look at our other articles too, the latest are published in the column to the left- along with the most popular. How to install AVG Antivirus

Step 1. Download AVG
You can download AVG FREE by clicking here. When prompted, click the Run button.

* Downloading AVG could take several minutes even with a broadband connection, so be patient and make yourself a cup of tea while you wait. * You are in no way obligated to pay GRISOFT / AVG anything, so you won’t need to enter any credit card details or even personal details. But there are other versions of AVG, so if you like it you might consider supporting the company’s efforts by purchasing their commercial product. Step 2. Start the Installation

Now that AVG has downloaded, the installation wizard will start. Your PC might ask you if you’re sure you want to run the file, if it does you’ll need to click Run to confirm.  
* You’ll have a short wait while AVG extracts.
Step 3. The Installation Phase – “Welcome to the AVG Free Setup Program” First screen: You’ve just entered the Wizard, so click Next.

Second screen: For the Acceptance Notice, click Accept.

Third screen: It’s a license agreement, read it if you want to, otherwise just click Accept.

Fourth screen: It’s a waiting game! Let the installer do its job and wait patiently.

Fifth screen: Standard or custom installation? Choose Standard, and click Next.

Sixth screen: Activate your AVG Free License. If the user...
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