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Topics: Avenue Q, Trekkie Monster, Tony Award for Best Musical Pages: 6 (2440 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Nia Sherard
Yohancey Kingston
Professor Adler
April 2010
The both of us, Nia and Yohancey went to go see Avenue Q; we were pleased with our choice on that show after you, professor Adler had spoken about it so much. We decided to go to the play on Wednesday, April 21st. It was the day of the Jesuit Court carnival so as soon as it ended at 5 we went to get showered dressed and catch the shuttle. We were on the way to the city by 5:30 so that we could figure out how to get our tickets for the show and at a cheap rate. I printed out tickets so that we could get cheaper seats but when we got to the path I realized I left it in my dorm; fortunately my mom works in the city so she printed it out for me. When we got into the city my mother suggested we go to the tkts booth and there we got our tickets 40% off, so we got our seats 8th row for fewer than 60 dollars. After the tickets were purchased we went to eat; since we wanted some where cheap I called my mother and she recommended we go to eat at Dallas BBQ on 42nd street so that was where we go. After eating we started walking over to 50th street between 8th and 9th avenue where the New World Stages was located. Once we got over there I was comfortable with the surroundings because my mother’s job used to be over there. We sat and waited inside for the theatre to open before we were able to get to our seats. They walked around before the show to see if anyone wanted drinks and snacks brought to them which we both thought was really cool. After ordering some drinks and snacks the screens in the theatre started playing a song which scared everyone in the theatre because it was so loud. We then sat and enjoyed the rest of the show.

The play opened up with “The Avenue Q theme song”, it started off funny because it was a child’s beat/ tune but you heard all the characters singing of bills that needed to be paid and how they aren’t satisfied with their boring jobs. When it started we both knew it was setting the mood for a comical play. Slowly as the song moved along we saw Princeton, who was the main character in the play who is played by Seth Rettberg, sing about what graduates do after receiving their diplomas; it begun his exposition through the song “What do you do with a BA in English.” The song then went on a little longer than changed into “It Sucks To Be Me”, this song introduced us to the other main characters in the play, Brian (played by Nicholas Kohn), Kate Monster (played by Sarah Stiles), Rod (also played by Seth Rettberg), Nicky (played by Cullen R. Titmas), Christmas Eve (played by Ann Sanders), and Gary Coleman (played by Danielle K. Thomas). The song let all the characters explain how their lives sucked more than the next person, the song turned from individual expositions into a brotherhood/ community number because they together realized that their lives don’t suck when they are together on Avenue Q!

After the song ended the next scene started right up. It took a deeper look into the lives of Rod and Nicky who are roommates and it seems that Rod pay for everything and Nicky lives there because he is Rod’s best friend. They have very different personalities; Rod is a republican, conservative, and closeted homosexual while Nicky is lazy, messy, and completely opposite from Rod. After Rod becomes defensive about a gay guy on the train Nicky starts suspecting that Rod is gay which leads into the song “If you were gay” which was Nicky explaining to Rod that their relationship would not change if he was actually gay. The subjunctive song is telling us how Rod struggles through life because of his sexual identity and his friendship with Nicky.

The next song sung was “Purpose”, it was sung by Princeton as he struggle to find hid purpose in life. It is a subjunctive song and Princeton is eager to find out what his life’s purpose is, he wants to know what he has to do in life and what he was put on the earth to do. This...
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