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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Avatar is now the greatest money earning film in history so it’s obviously popular with audiences. The key reason for this popularity is because the director has strategically chosen what to use in their target audience in terms of age, social class and gender. For age, Avatar attracts a wide range age probably between 18 – 34 males where they are more looking forward to the action when the Na’vi tried to defend their home tree against the humans. Technology might also play a role into hooking the audience where since it is a sci-fi movie they might be impressed with the future technologies like the battle-armors, the virtibirds which are used as warplanes and the ability to transfer your mind into the body of the Na’vi and control it at will. Not only that but also the CGI or special effects where the audience might look at awe when they see Jake Sully flying on the giant red bird through the beautiful environment of mountains covered by trees, floating rocks and by night the plants glow of purple and blue and more. As for the women they might enjoy the romance between Jake Sully and the Na’vi female where they get romantic in the forests and build their relationship as Jake Sully trains himself to become part of the Na’vi brotherhood. They might also like how the women are sometimes the tough guy for example the female pilot who is aggressive and the female scientist. In terms of social class it might attract the lower and middle classes because Jake Sully’s character isn’t very bright and also he is in a wheel chair due to his legs being crippled so people can relate to him as they feel sympathetic for him. The technical and production values have attributed to this from mass marketing such through promotions from Empire magazine and Coco-cola Company and also releasing trailers in digital 3-D in high-definition. They also sell books like Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora which tells the setting of Avatar and more...
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