Avatar: Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?

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Kady Baker
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Which is Better? Original or Sequel?

In 2005, creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, introduced Avatar: The Last Airbender. They introduced a friendly, cheerful, and inventive show just for kids that even attracted an older audience. People loved the idea of bending elements, the funny characters and when it finally came to an end, everyone wanted more. In 2012, they made Legend of Korra, which takes place in the same universe as Airbender, but most of the characters from the first show are dead or minor in their role this time around. Instead, there's new characters that are older than the previous cast, there's a more mature plot, and the animation is stunning. But what show is the best? The truth is that The Legend of Korra is a better series than The Last Airbender because of it's more mature way of handling romance, a plot that breaks away from the standard battle of good and evil, and for it having better developed characters from the beginning while also leaving room for improvement later in the series.

In terms of characters, both Airbender and Korra provide interesting ones. In Airbender, there's Aang, the Avatar who's childish and originally ran away from his duties. And then there's Katara and Sokka, sister and brother respectively. Katara is the motherly, but stubborn girl. While Sokka is the comic relief, though for a comic relief he can be surprisingly smart. Toph, who's introduced much later on, is the tough, messy, noble girl who was heavily underestimated by her parents because she was blind. In Korra, so far the three characters that are the focus is Korra, the headstrong and impulsive Avatar. There's Mako, who's dark and brooding, yet not overly so as he's shown to smile quite a bit. Bolin is the younger brother of Mako, who also acts as the comic relief and ends up being a big sweetie, despite the fact he was described someone who always had a woman by his side. Despite Korra being...
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