Availability of Electronic Information

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Availability Of Electronic Information
17/09/2012 10:15 AM
Impact On Me3
Impact On Friends and Family4
Individuals & Society5

In this short essay I will be discussing the impact that electronic information has on individuals and also as a society. ICT is a major part of society as it provides communication quickly and easily between different parts of the world and provides quick access to the information they require at the time. I will also be discussing how home owners themselves have now opted to use ICT as a major part of their home; this is due to many factors that will be looked at in more detail throughout. I will be focusing on a wide range of electronic information types like television, DAB radios, Internet

Impact On Me
Electronic information has benefited me in many ways, TV provides with information that helped me with my GCSE’s with channels like ‘Discovery’ as they provide a lot of documentary’s on subjects that are taught in schools but are better with imagery for me as I am a visual learner. There are however some major disadvantages of TV for me these are an easy distraction from homework or my chores when they have to be done and the fact that not all information provided on the TV can be trusted or be 100% accurate. Another piece of electronic information that has also helped me greatly is that of the World Wide Web (WWW.) also known as the internet. It also provides very helpful advice and learning tools to provide support to a wide range of people. This again helped me greatly in my GCSE’s with websites such as BBC Bitesize and MyMaths which provide tools to improve the student and motivate them to learn the information they require for passing and on how they could improve. Things which BBC bitesize offer vary however the tools that I believed helped me learn are the video clips which provide an out of the class room lesson which provides a lot of help if lessons have been missed. They also provide a lot audio clips which can be used when doing other tasks or when you are unwinding. There are also flash based tasks which supply a user friendly way to learn, along with it being interesting and enthusiastic. There are many dangers of the internet with things like scams which may be something like “Pay £5 and receive one to one tuition” or similar and the internet provides many distractions such as online games and ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’. Also it provides websites like Facebook, Twitter and miniclip which are great to unwind to after a day at school and after doing homework this provides a lot of time to socialize while you are busy as well and is a great resource to talk to classmates to work out if your work is correct and similar. The use of DAB radios also provides me with great help when cycling to and from school down the canal path as it means I can listen to the news and the weather and catch up with today’s important updates as well as provide me with the latest music. There are so major dangers of the DAB radio the main concern is that of the information your listening can it be relied upon as much as information as from the met office or similar which could result in many problems. They also are dangerous as they provide a distraction and increase the danger when on the road or at home. Mobile information is another part of my life and it provides with great capabilities the main having access to applications such as Wikipedia this is of a great help with school work and when wanting to find information out. The issue with applications that help your knowledge and help in your learning is that they can get you in trouble or distract you from your work with texts, Facebook etc. The other great thing with Mobile information is that you can access your Emails on the go and provide updates to teachers and other individuals who...
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