Auxiliary Verbs: Particular Uses

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11 Auxiliary verbs: particular uses

Exercise 11A p.120

Replace the words in italics with a construction using one of the auxiliary verbs dealt with above, except where the use of be able is required (see Explanation h, j). For impersonal constructions, use one or you.

It's possible that Robert will be —> Robert may be kicked out of his
kicked out of his football team.
Is it possible to be kicked out for—>Can you be kicked out for putting
putting on a bit of weight ?on a bit of weight ?
I was able to speak Mercian quite —> I could speak Mercian quite well as
well as a child.a child.
Now I've forgotten a lot, but I was(No change) able to ask my way to Peter's house this morning.

1| I remember that if was possible for* our parents to be very strict with us at times, but that on the whole they were able to control us through kindness and laughter. *See footnote, p. 119.| 1I remember our parents could be very strict... they could control us ...| 2| We certainly weren't allowed to do exactly what we wanted like Georgina's children. Are your children allowed to do exactly what they want?| 2We certainly couldn't do ... Can your children do ...?| 3| It's possible that mankind will have no future if it's unable to mend its ways.| 3Mankind may have ... if it can't mend| 4| It's possible that what they said wasn't true, but it wasn't possible for us to ignore it.| 4What they said may not have been true, but we couldn't ignore it.| 5| Would you allow me to use your phone for a moment? It's possible that I left my keys at home, and I'd like to ring and ask my wife about them.| 5May/Might/Could I use ... ? I may/might/ could have left...| 6| It would be quite impossible for me to pay back what I owe you by Saturday. Wouldn't it be possible for you to let me have a little more time?| 6I couldn't possibly pay back ... Couldn't you let... ?| 7| Did you hear that noise? I think it's possible that the clock has fallen off the wall in the room next door. Would it be possible for you to go and see?| 7Did ... noise? I think the clock may have fallen ... Could you go and see?| 8| I'm unable to go myself because I'm unable to leave the baby.| 8I can't go ... I can't leave ...| 9| Mary and Harry McArthur have at last been able to do what they have always wanted to do: visit Australia. Unfortunately it wasn't possible for Christine to go with them.| 9Mary and Harry McArthur have at last been able to do (unchanged)... Unfortunately Christine couldn't go ...| 10| I'm usually unable to get a seat on the bus in the morning and have to stand, but I was able to get one this morning.| 10I can't usually get... but I was able to get(unchanged)...| 11| When my grandfather was a young man it was possible to park your car almost anywhere you liked without difficulty. But it's impossible to do that now.| 11When ... you could park .... But you can't do...| 12| It's possible to spend hours looking for a parking place. The other day, when I was able to find one after only twenty minutes, I was amazed.| 12You can spend... The other day, when I was able to find (unchanged)...| 13| 'Under no circumstances,' shouted Helen's father, 'will I allow my daughter to marry Denis Chambers! I'll not let him go around calling himself her fiancé any longer!'| 13'Under ... can my daughter marry ...! He can't go...!'| 14| 'It's impossible to adopt that sort of attitude/ said Helen's mother. 'You should know you're unable to stop Denis calling himself whatever he wants.'| 14'You/One can't adopt .... You should know you can't stop ...| 15| 'Would you allow me to make one small suggestion?' she went on. 'Wouldn't it at least be possible for us to show some regard for Helen's feelings by asking him to supper?'| 15'May/Might/Could I make ... ? Couldn't we at least show ... ?'| 16| 'It's possible after all that he isn't so bad as you...
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