Autumn Rhythm

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  • Published : October 23, 2008
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I chose the painting Autumn Rhythm 1950 by Jackson Pollock. When I first saw the painting, I knew from the start that this was the masterpiece perfect for this project. My initial response to this painting was confusion. I did not understand it; I did not know what I was looking at. I thought to myself, is there something I’m supposed to look for? It seemed impossible to find something due to the numerous slobs of paint everywhere. I did not understand how this could even be a masterpiece.

After my confusion sunk in, I decided I did not like this painting. It did not appeal to me in any way positively. In the beginning, to me, the painting was something more of a disaster. I could not find anything special about it. What I did not understand was that how could it be some masterpiece when a mere child could do it themselves? I even thought to myself that this is one painting I could never learn to like. I remember staring at it for the longest time. I was trying to follow a certain glob of paint, but it was too difficult; I kept getting lost.

Lost is a good word for the painting. But I did agree with one thing about the painting; the title of it. I thought that there was a touch of autumn lingering around the painting, only because of the certain colors he used. The beige background and the white, black, and golden paint gave me that impression. Never the less, I still would not hang this painting on one of the walls of my house, ever. I am usually the one who does not learn to love; it’s either I do or don’t.

The week I spent with the painting was an adventurous one. I did what I was supposed to, I took it with me every where I went. I printed out a good size picture of the paint, cut the white edges off, and folded it neatly in my wallet. Things in there tend to stay put and not get lost. Every time I paid for something, I opened my wallet to get my Visa card out and there something else was; the painting I disliked very much. Feelings of frustration...
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