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1.1) Introduction to project
The motto of this project named “automobile industry” is to provide professional and technical review on the latest and best vehicles in india. It also provides the latest news, comparison of various models of selected categories and reviews directly from vehicle owners. It gives the detail of monthly sales of passenger cars in India which exceed 100,000 units. Primary activities which has been discussed in the project are : Motor cars manufacturing ,Motor vehicle engine manufacturing, Major products and services that are: Passenger motor vehicle (Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicles & Multi Purpose Vehicles) Commercial Vehicles (Medium & Heavy and Light ) Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers. This project mainly focus on the five Main Leading Companies of Automobile Industry: * Tata Motors ,

* Maruti Suzuki ,
* Hyundai Motors ,
* Mahindra Motors,
* Hero Honda Motors Conclusion
* Audi motors.
The major five segments of Indian automobile industry are overviewed in the project that are : * Commercial vehicles;
* multi-utility vehicles & passenger cars;
* two-wheelers;
* three-wheelers; and
* tractors.
With 5,822,963 units sold in the domestic marketand 453,591 units exported during the first nine months of FY2005(9MFY2005), the industry (excluding tractors) marked a growth of 17%over the corresponding previous. The two-wheeler sales have witnessed spectacular growth trend since the mid nineties.

1.2) Statement about the problem
With increasing in modernization and globalization in Indian economy automobiles are in great demand but sometimes most of the people choose wrong vehicle because of the lack of awareness. Thus the purpose of the study is to study the awareness level of consumers towards automobiles and also the perception of the users. Thus by creating awareness we can enhance the awareness of automobiles and their better utilization among...
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