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* Automacity is self acting capabilities of a device
* Mechanization is the use of machines to take over some of the previous muscle jobs performed by humans. * Mechanized devices on the other hand are truly automated when feedback information automatically causes the machinery to adjust to reachieve norms.hence automation is the achievement of self directing productive activity as a result of combination of mechanization and computation. * The use of computer to control machine functions seperate cnc from automated lathe * Computerised numerical control is the most sophisticated form of automation for controlling machine tools,equipments in cnc machines * Automation of is used to control machine part without human assistance *

What is automation?
Automation is a technology in which the mechanical, electronic, computer based systems are used to operate and control production without human assistance. Application or fields of automation :
Automated machine tools( CNC machines, NC machines,automated lathe) Automated machining operation
Automated assembly lines
Automated guided vehicles(AGVs)
Automated storage system

`Automation in respect of CNC machines

Some examples of automation which the machine tool manufacturers have already considered and incorporated in the design of the machine tools (as in the case of CNC machines). 1. Gantry loaders.
2. Bar Pullers.
3. Pneumatic chucks and collets.
4. Bar feeders.
5. Auto chuck jaw changers.
6. ATC (Automatic Tool Changers).
7. Auto tool off-set measurement.
8. In-process gauging/Post-process gauging.
9. Auto pallet changers.
10. Auto tool length measurement.
11. Auto tool breakage detector.
12. Touch trigger probes.
13. Adaptive feed rate control.

How it is implemented
In the very beginning when the CNC machine tools were added to the conventional machine tools they used to control only the position of job relative to cutting tool. The cutting process and finishing...
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