Automatic Transfer Provisions and Juvenile Offenses

Topics: Crime, Assault, Murder Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: June 2, 2008
Robert Smith
Juvenile Justice
First Research Paper

The automatic transfer provisions were originally started as a way to become more firm with juveniles to stop in order to lower crimes and hopefully keep them from becoming criminals in the future. It has been very effective in putting juveniles in jail, but many argues that it is not doing what the makers of automatic transfer intended it to do. Although automatic transfer is back by many politicians, many of the people who oppose it are concerned parents and community leaders. Automatic transfer has been in use in this country since the fourties, but the opposition to is growing.

There are several offenses that would require a child be transferred from juvenile court to becoming charged as an adult. The first offense is first degree murder. First degree murder is when a person of a certain social class like a police officer is killed. One can also be charged with first degree murder when he has murdered more than one person at a given time or used poison. First degree murder is a capitol offense. Also felony murder and second degree murder are included. Felony murder is murder that occurred during a forcible felony. An example would be robbing someone at gunpoint and killing them. The second offense is aggravated criminal sexual assault. Aggravated criminal sexual assault does not include just rape. Violent rapes, statutory rapes, ,improper touch and torture are examples of aggravated criminal sexual assault. The third offense is aggravated battery with a firearm. Battery is when one person injures or makes contact with someone is a way that it could cause injury. Take the example of the robbery mentioned before. If the person had just hit the person with the gun or shot them in the leg, then instead of murder the charge would have been aggravated battery with a firearm. The next offense is armed robbery committed with a firearm. Now if the offender who had been robbing people with...
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