Automatic Punching Machine

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3.Block Diagram
4.Block Diagram Description
5.Circuit diagram
6.Circuit description
7.Component details
8.Working of project
9.Fabrication of PCB
11.Future development
12.Cost estimation



The automation is now carried on not only industries but also houses. The automation of a particular system avoids the total care about the system. Nowadays lot of components and techniques are available to automate the particular field. Here we are going to automate the necessary things in houses. To carry on the automation process PLC based technique is used here. By using OMRAN make six inputs and four out ZEN module, total process are done. The tap control system automatic lighting systems are done using PLC based automation.

In PLC based automation we don’t need high end knowledge. By using simple electrical knowledge we can control the PLC. The electrical wiring diagram knowledge is enough to write program for PLC. Four different operations are done using separate sensing and detecting arrangement. The PLC based automation system reduces the wiring risk. This project is very useful project for houses.


The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) plays a vital role in automation and automatic punching machine control systems. Punching machine is used for representing the control logic, and traditional programming languages are used for describing the pure algorithms. The project presents an implementation for a punching machine for paper. The use the ladder languages the programming of a complex sequential process is a necessary solution. The use of the project reduces the downtime of the machine and improves the productivity. The machine has with up and down movement .the paper is held by the holder. The movement is powered by a electric motor equipped with sensor and mechanism. The machine is equipped with a paper holder designed to hold two punches and one marking tool arranged at equal intervals. The command system of the machine consists in a plc produced by signal. The sequential processing was programmed using ladder language. The plc structure is modular. For the positioning task, the plc is equipped with a dedicated movement module that controls the drives and acquires the signal from sensor


Block Diagram:



Block Diagram Description:
IR Emitter:
This block consists of LED type IR emitter to send the code signal to far end. IR Detector:
This block consists of IR module to detect the IR rays. It produce the active low output at detection of IR rays.

This block consists of OMARAN make ZEN model PLC CPU. It is act as heart of the system. This system has six inputs and four outputs. Based on the input status, the ladder programmer executed and output devices are activated. Output Devices:

This block consists of punching arrangement.

Block Diagram for Power Supply:

Block Diagram Description for Power Supply


It is an electronics unit. Which is used to give regulated power to any electronics system. Block Diagram Description:

1.Transformer: This block consists of step – down transformer for our Required Ratings. 2.Rectifier : This block consists of diode – based rectifier circuit. 3.Filter...
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