Automatic Energy Calculation and Billing System to Eb

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The Embedded Technology is now in its prime and the wealth of knowledge available is mind-blowing. Embedded technology plays a major role in integrating the various functions associated with it. This needs to tie up the various sources of the Department in a closed loop system. This proposal greatly reduces the manpower, saves time and operates efficiently without human interference. This project puts forth the first step in achieving the desired target. With the advent in technology, the existing systems are developed to have in built intelligence. Our project titled “Automatic Energy and Cost Calculation to EB Department” deals with measuring voltage and current as input and aims at calculating energy and transmitted in air via RF. This project consists of RF transmitter and receiver, microcontroller Unit, sensor, interfacing circuit etc. The sensor is fixed on disc of the energy meter. The sensor output is goes to the microcontroller through an interfacing circuit. The interfacing circuit consists of transistor switching circuit. The microcontroller will count the energy in units. The corresponding output of the sensor is transmitted through microcontroller. The transmitter will transmit the RF signal at 433.92MHz. The same frequency is received by RF receiver. The RF receiver is fixed in EB. This receiver output is goes to the microcontroller. The microcontroller will calculate the energy and corresponding cost. The energy in units is displayed in 16*2 LCD. This method is more useful in home and industries.

Block diagram
Transmitter section:


Receiver section :( EB)


Hardware Requirements:

▪ Microcontroller Unit.
▪ LCD.
▪ RF Transceiver.
▪ Power supply Unit.
▪ Sensor and interfacing circuit.

Software Requirements:

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