Automated Waste Disposal, Inc.

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Human rights Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Automated Waste Disposal, Inc.

Professor: Dr. A. Abdullat
Student: Yu-Ping Chen (913812)

1. What are the positive and negative aspects of Viento’s use of the GPS-based System to monitor his drivers and salespeople? Positive
▪ Understand drivers’ work situation and higher worker productivity. Viento’s use of the GPS-based System is not only smooth its operation, but also to Keep closer track of his workers and monitor them whom are supposed to be doing during work hours. ▪ Reduce operational costs, and substantial saving for a company whose drivers earn overtime payment. Viento’s use of the GPS-based System can help know the time workers spent in the yard before and after completing their routes and the time and location of stop that they made. Therefore, reduce overtime is from 300hours a week to 70 per week. ▪ manage worker’ performance

Viento’s use of the GPS-based System can set digital boundaries around entertainment place during work hours. ▪ Monitor driving style, protect company asset and deliver customer service effectively. Viento’s use of the GPS-based System can manage workers’ driving situation to prevent drivers over speed and respond customer complain rapidly. Negative

▪ Reduce private of individual
Workers think manager is watching them and affect their human right and greater feelings of isolation among manager and employee. 2. What advice do you have for evaluating performance about the use of the system for supervising, evaluating, and compensating his drivers and salespeople? First, I advice the system for supervising that as long as the workers is producing value, manager do not need formal supervision. In this case, managers should have limited to monitor workers’ performance and respect workers’ human right. But, if workers reduce their...
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