Automated Voting System

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two-way radio
A voice network that provides an always-on connection enabling the user to just "push the button and talk." Also called "dispatch radio," two-way radio has traditionally been used by police, fire, taxi and other mobile fleets. Motorola's iDEN system, which is implemented by various carriers around the world, integrates two-way radio capability with its cellphone system

A two-way radio is a very common device seen in patrolling cars and in the hands of security personnel nowadays. This brief write-up contains some basic information on what they are, how they work and where they are used... Ads by Google

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The two-way radio is aptly named as it can both transmit as well as receive signals. Unlike the ordinary radio, the two-way radio also allows you to speak into a station, while transmitting messages from that station to several other -users within that geographical area. There is always a central control room from where the transmissions are relayed to all the two-way radios in that area, and users on the field can speak into their own sets to relay messages back to the station.  Read more at Buzzle: http


* 1
Decide on the distance you will need to use the two-way radios. This is a big factor when you buy two-way radios. Whether you need 10 miles, 20 miles, etc there are all sorts of two-way radios that will meet your need. * 2

Buy the best two-way radios for your needs. Whether you want to be able to converse with your workers on a site or someone down the hall, this will be a deciding decision on which two-way radio you want to get. * Sponsored Links

* Smallest GPS rcvr module
w/wo integrated patch antenna sensitive, easy to design-in
* 3
Justify buying and using two-way radios. With the cell...
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