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Chapter I
Guidance and Counseling System is the most critical discipline office in many institutions such as the education sectors. Schools, Colleges, and Universities are depending on the Guidance Office to guide students to secure their welfare mentally and academically. Students that are carefully guided by the office until they graduated are most likely to be successful in their professional careers.

Guidance and Counseling System is composed of many services that help the student cope in their school life particularly in College life which is the transition of puberty and adolescence. Students find it hard during college to express themselves and make important decisions regarding their career. So the Guidance and Counseling Office will enable them to make wise decision by offering them Guidance Services essential functions.

In UPH-DJGTMU, the Guidance and Counseling Office is using manual system, that’s why their services is not that efficient. The Automated Services of Guidance and Counseling Office will enable their services be more available to students.

Project Context
UPH-DJGTMU Guidance and Counseling Office has a hard time attending to their offered services because it doesn’t have an automated Guidance System. And because of that, student is not serve completely, its services is not implemented well because of manual system of doing task such as updating particular records, inventory of student records, scheduling student counseling, updating career information, proposing seminars and orientations, handling student complaints, issuing a parents meeting with the counselor, making contact with outside companies for the student tracing program after they graduate and other important services. Those tasks are sometimes not well handled because the office has limited personnel.

Since the Guidance and Counseling Office is lacking of manpower, it is understood that all services and task of the Office cannot carry out smoothly. That’s why our group decided to propose an Automated Guidance System which we called Automated Services of UPH-DJGTMU Guidance and Counseling Office.

Purpose and Description 

This system will enable the Guidance personnel’s to keep their student service systematic. The Inventory Service will keep records of the student basic information. The Information Service will orient the students particularly the freshmen’s on how to choose their career by showing the possible job opportunities of their offered courses.

The Counseling Service will keep track of the students counseling record and to help them win mental and academic problems in college life. The Follow-up Service shall assist the students in situating themselves on finding the most appropriate job after they graduate.

The Placement Service includes a Virtual Tour that shows the Dean’s Office of the Medical University and other important offices. Referral Service shall recommend students into a more specialized person regarding their mental case problem.

The Seminar Inquiry will keep track of the seminars and orientations of the Guidance Office that has been executed on Medical University. It allows seminar evaluation to recognize the importance of a seminar. The Letter Information stores all the letters made to stored records and review for future use. The Student – Teacher Welfare Section will help the both party to express their complains and do further actions regarding the issue.

All references and records are kept confidential because the system is password protected and can the password can be modified from time to time.

a. General Objective:
To develop a system for the automation of the Guidance Services that can help them serve students with the highest quality.

b. Specific Objectives:
* To automate Student Profile Records for faster indexing. * To update orientation and seminars simultaneously by the help of surveys. * To orient the students...
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