Automated Inventory System for Kian Seng Trading

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Advances Information Technology has influenced all of us. Electronic Data Transfer reduces information errors reduces the need for manual data extraction, promises to reduce the time required to publish any analyzed data and is generally more cost effective than manual methods. In the present study the people have validated an automated inventory system by comparison with manual inventory system produce including faster and efficient data input and security in handling product records. As a part of design, our group said project in system analysis and design, our group would like to propose an “Automated Inventory System” for Kian Seng Trading. We want to improve their way of manual inventory into more proficient and more advance way of counting their stack and supply. In order for them to lessen their work and time spent in counting their stack, in this way they can a lot their time in other things. Our group develop a system that is friendly user and more convenient to use, in order for them to easily analyze and understand the use of it.

Background of the Study
Kian Seng Trading is a popular hardware store around San Pablo City, Laguna. Juanito Uy is the President and the General Manager of Kian Seng Trading. He just passed away last March 2012 so he assigned his son, James Uy to take his place. Kian Seng Trading was built in the 1930’s, in that year Kian Seng Trading was composed of only five employees. But as the company became popular and well developed their sales increase as well as their employees and products. These brought wealth to the company at the same time complications with some of their manual management system.

1. Contribution of Topic
Kian Seng Trading has a problem regarding to their traditional way of inventory. They use manual inventory system in recording their stocks. They persue their way of counting, enumerating and computing. The proponents came up to the idea on how to provide an automated system that could reduce all manual operations in generating the inventory system of Kian Seng Trading.

1.1.1 Downfall of the Topic
How to lessen the manual operation of handling the stocks in the inventory system. How to reduce time consuming method that was experienced during stock recording/listing and stock computation.

2. Objectives of the Study
1. General Objective
To create an automated inventory system that could generate fast transaction, can eliminate the manual procedures of their inventory system to provide a server handling of data. 2. Specific Objectives To lessen the manual operation of handling stocks. To reduce the time consuming method that was experienced during stock recording/listing and stock computations by developing a module for each stock and creating application through the use of forms, buttons, textboxes, access files and code declarations that could provide a quick operation 3. Scope and Limitation The system generates the recording/listing of the products handed in the system. The system would also provide a report of the entire inventory system information that would be handled in the database. The system also includes Advance Options like Add New Product, Add Stocks, Edit Product Details and View Product Details.

Limitation: Through it would be better if all records of the products would be recorded the system doesn’t comprise the following: Local Supplier
Owner’s Information

The use of Automated Manageable Stock Inventory System is tested to be more advantage: The transaction is usually processing data.
All process becomes automatic.


2.1 Vision...
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