Automated Greenhouse

Topics: PIC microcontroller, Sensor, Thermometer Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Automated Greenhouse is about a design of miniature greenhouse that is equipped with the automated monitoring system. The system will constantly monitor the natural environmental conditions in the greenhouse to ensure that the plant will achieve the maximum plant growth. There are two sensors, which operate in the real-time, that will be used - temperature sensor and a humidity sensor to monitor the conditions. The microcontroller will compare the output of the sensors with the preset values and actuate the environmental device respectively.

* The inconvenient traditional greenhouse structure
– use small window to overcome temperature and humidity problem * Most of work in agriculture is done manually.
– Hard to maintain the quality of crops
– High labor cost involved in maintaining a greenhouse.

The objectives are to build a miniature greenhouse that could carry out an automatic monitoring system purpose and this system will constantly monitor the conditions in the greenhouse to ensure that it remains at the required temperature and air humidity conditions. SCOPE OF STUDY

The study is limited to the following:
* Use of the PIC16F877A as the microcontroller.
* Use of LCD as real time display of data acquired from the environmental sensors * Study on how to maintain the microclimate of a greenhouse. * Study on the operation of temperature sensor and air humidity sensor. METHODOLGY

Workflow Project
Study on automated greenhouse

Identification of Parts/Component & Design Circuit

temperature sensor circuit design humidity circuit sensor design
Acquisition of Parts/Component

Temperature Sensor : MCP9700A-E/TO Humidity Sensor :TDK CHS-GSS
Construct the sensor circuit design and testing

Result of the temperature circuit design :
Thermometer reading (°C)| Sensor Voltage output (V)| Sensor Temperature...
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