Automated Evaluation of Grades System

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Sample CS Capstone Projects
from 2005 - 2009


Simulate a Radio Interface
The team built a message simulator to test radio communications with munitions systems. The simulator used RS232 communications and ran on PCs. It included a user interface that allowed users to construct and send messages as well as log and display all message traffic. The system included support for error checking (ACK/NAK, CRC) of messages. The interface could be configured for baud rate, com port, parity, # of bits, # stop bits, etc.

Election Results Visualization
This team built a system for use on the website of a news/communication company. The system displays election results in a visual manner and supports selecting from multiple race results. Results for a county can be displayed on a precinct level map in a color coded manner. Color shading was used to indicate results (e.g. red to white to blue shading for a two party race, white to dark green for a yes/no referendum) and actual vote counts are also shown for each precinct as that precinct is scrolled over.

Automated Test Suite for Denial of Service and Intrusion Attacks This team built an extensible framework for an automated suite of test cases that ran on a Linux platform and simulated Denial of Service and Intrusion attacks. The tool included a GUI interface to select and run tests. Around 50 different network attacks were included with the system. An audit log and error log are produced as the system runs.

Automation Data Collection
This team designed data collection code to gather information from equipment on a manufacturing floor. A baseline group of PLC code samples was produced for the collection of data. Code timing (infeed, cycle, outfeed, idle, etc.) and error routines was developed.

Factory Floor User Interface
This team designed and prototyped a user interface that presented live and historical information from the equipment on a manufacturing floor. The design was for a web based solution that used a SQL database that contained the data related to machine performance.

Proposal and Job Setup System
This team designed and developed a PC based sales proposal and job setup program for a heating company that allows the comfort consultant to efficiently and effectively produce a “job specific” price quote for the customer on the first appointment. The system included BTU calculations and furnace suggestions as well as pictorial tours showing what is involved in a furnace replacement. A job set-up document can also be produced immediately upon the closure of a sale. A database keeps track of all prices, eliminating confusion. The database also helps with sales management tracking.

Test Prioritization
This team developed processes, reporting and supporting utilities around code coverage and test prioritization tools (from an internal company research team) that provided the best test coverage for each software check-in. There was a base-line component that would run nightly and run each test, collect coverage data and save traces for each test. The developer’s side included a Windows application for automatically selecting the tests a developer should run.

Ensuring Data Integrity
This team developed a program that would run nightly to do integrity checks of critical manufacturing data. The Engineering (relational) and Manufacturing (Oracle) databases previously needed to be periodically manually verified to be in sync.

Web-based Tutorial/Learning Tool
This team developed an on-line tutorial and training tool for use in a university setting. The tutorial was based on policies and procedures for safe computing practices. A database of questions was also created with questions randomly selected for an on-line quiz. The results of the quiz could be emailed to the person who took the test and a teacher or supervisor.

Identity Preservation in a Grain Mill
This team developed a system to track the product (grain)...
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