Autoliv Australia

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BUSM2193 Managing Change
Case 2: Autoliv Australia

Question 1
Schuler and Jackson (1987) propose the model of Human Resource Management as the business strategic policies and practices of the organization. This framework is to achieving competitive advantage in different industry condition. They argue for fit in different industry condition and business strategic. It includes innovation, quality enhancement and cost reduction. This business strategic associated with particular employee role behaviors and HRM policies and practices. Autoliv has introduced to facilitate, the business strategic to continue changing, that means the way in people work and different with the other competitors. We can prove that in the National Union Workers; Autoliv encourage an open and frank communication exchange throughout the company. It let the top management to achieve its objectives by establishing a company culture reinforced by strong corporate values and ethics, Management should commit the goal and objective of company with the HR policies and practices with the organizational. The business strategies were aligned with HR strategies. HRM practices can increase the organization’s competitive advantage by maintain the professional training for all skilled workforce. These develop a performance management system to support the competencies innovation. HRM developing HR strategies, policies and practices, putting the change strategy into action and making the changes requires devolution on the commitment from the top of the organization.

1. Job Design: Autoliv introduced change in many ways which people work that different from competitors. To ensure the company strategic focuses on quality, flexibility and customer focus. 2. Recruitment and Selection Approaches: Understanding the business down to role competency level is ensure that people recruitment and selection are placed into jobs that match their talents. Autoliv’s competencies profiles are well-defined competencies for all position to ensure objectivity in the selection decisions, Autoliv provides equity and access and opportunity for both male and female staff. This including management and filling in for absenteeism.

4. Training and Development: The top management makes sure that its training and development initiatives support and deliver the organization’s business and change objectives. Traing is to maintain the highly skilled work. Autoliv has recognized that attracting, retaining, developing, and promoting employees with perceived potential to deliver the organization’s goals is critical to its success. Development and implementation of an integrated training and development strategy underpinned by a continuous improvement philosophy. Consistent with this approach is the commitment to valuing and developing the skills, knowledge and creative potential of its workforce. Training and development programs from induction and orientation training through to technical and managerial skill development are offered internally. Training is a continuous improvement philosophy initiatives are also integrated with the provision of structured career pathways. Training also complemented by action-learning projects and on the job learning.

5. Performance Management: The performance management model is integrated. Performance management system development of competencies that support innovation. Key performance was indicators in implemented, which clearly defined. The performance of its casual employees is reviewed at least every three months and where positions arise preference. Company clearly defined each position as measure of consistency and its limits the misunderstanding. This as a benchmarks and clearer insight as a means of performance. The performance of its casual employee is reviewed at least every three months where position. 6. Reward Strategies: It has an Enterprise Agreement in place and the Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Awards the company’s...
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