Autocratic Versus Democratic

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Leadership Styles – Autocratic versus Democratic
Today’s business organization whether it is large or small is concerned with the financial bottom line. One of its most valuable assets is the human asset. Corporations spend large percentages of their budget on HR personnel and even greater percentages on their management staff. How and why they choose their managers is critical to the maintenance and sustainability of the business organization, its culture and its success. The examination and exploration into different management styles has been disjointed and inconsistent at best. The key to good management and leadership growth is a good knowledge foundation. There are various management styles. This paper will contrast and compare the autocratic and democratic advantages and disadvantages commonly related to each and what works in best depending on the business type and organizational structure. Autocratic Management

What’s Autocratic Leadership? Autocratic leadership is a traditional leadership type with very distinct characteristics: 1. The Manager makes all the decision and selections of work. 2. The Manager seeks to have the most authority and control in decision making. 3. The Manager retains responsibility rather than make the most of delegation. 4. The Manager minimizes involvement with other managers in order make independent decision. 5. The Manager is not vested in their leadership growth, and prefers to work on the easy assignment at hand. Autocratic leadership is seen as an old fashioned management method. As long as managers have commanded subordinates, it has existed and it is still employed by many organizational leaders worldwide. The rationalization autocratic leadership still survives, or even if it’s outdated, is because it’s discerning, carries immediate benefits, and comes untainted to many leaders. Many managers who pursue leadership development are frequently trying to enhance upon the autocratic leadership style.

The Advantages of the Autocratic Management Type
The Autocratic management style has had many critics. Despite this, the autocratic leadership types provide countless benefits to managers who utilize them. These represent: Reduced stress because of increased control. The supervisor in the end has the majority, sanctioned and personal answerability for a challenge. This would reassure them and decrease their stress level knowing that they have management over their fate. It enhances productivity ‘where the leader is watching’. The supervision that an autocratic manager exerts over employees hastens their work and makes them less likely to slack. This works best for poorly motivated employees who have no concern or interest in the quality or speed of work performed. Improved logistics of operations and managing of tasks. Having the heavy involvement of managers in lots of areas makes spotting issues prematurely to avoid delays and ensure deadlines are met. Thus making autocratic leadership perfect for tasks with tight timelines, or difficult work environments, where the key to success is regimented cooperation. Quicker choice making. When just one particular person makes selections with minimal consultation, decisions are made faster, which is able to enable the management team to reply to modifications within the enterprise surroundings extra quickly. What Are The Disadvantages Of The Autocratic Management Model? Quick-termistic approach to management. Whereas main autocratically will allow sooner decisions to be made in the short time period, by robbing subordinates of the chance to gain experience and start on their very own leadership growth, and learn from their mistakes, the supervisor is actually de-skilling their workforce which can result in poorer decisions and productiveness within the lengthy run. Manager perceived as having poor leadership skills. While the autocratic fashion has deserves when utilized in sure environments (as highlighted beneath), autocratic...
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