AutoCAD Frequenly Asked Questions

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AutoCAD Frequently Asked Questions
To reverse the UNDO command the correct entry is: (a) REDO (b) REDRAW (c) Esc (d) U Which of the following statements is true: (a) ZOOM ALL will reach beyond the drawing limits if an object is there. (b) ZOOM ALL only reaches out to the drawing limits. (c) There is not real difference between ZOOM ALL and ZOOM E. (d) ZOOM ALL makes all objects visible irrespective of the layer visibility state. The command to scale a paper space viewport to half the drawn size is: (a) Zoom 0.5x (b) Zoom 1/2x (c) Zoom 2xp (d) zoom 0.5xp Which one of the following options of the UNDO command allows the undo facility to be disabled? (a) AUTO (b) CONTROL (c) END (d) GROUP Which one of the following commands forces AutoCAD to revise the entire drawing taking into account the effect of changes within the system? (a) CHANGE (b) REDO (c) REDRAW (d) REGEN Which one of the following commands allows simultaneous pan and zoom? (a) ZOOM DYNAMIC (b) ZOOM EXTENTS (c) ZOOM CENTER (d) ZOOM PAN Which one of the following commands CANNOT be undone? (a) XREF (b) SETVAR (c) SAVE (d) LIST


PL. NOTE A few students must have taken AutoCAD 2D course, in which only 3D will not be taught obviously. So, please ignore any questions related to 3D. Anyway, majority of the questions are on 2D only, as it is the basic and fundamental one in AutoCAD. There is no hard and fast rule that all the staff has knowledge in all the questions. They will try their best to clarify your queries. These FAQ’s are value addition to our course curriculum and are dealt as bonus to our students.

The MAXIMUM number of commands whose effect can be undone by the UNDO command is? (a) 256 (b) 1000 (c) all the command issued since the drawing was first created (d) all commands issued since the drawing was last loaded into the drawing editor

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AutoCAD Frequently Asked Questions


Which one of the following...
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