Autobiography Persuasive Essay

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Sio Tevaga
Nov. 27, 2007
Business 102
First of all, my name is Sio Tevaga; I am the youngest out of three. I was raised in the island of Samoa which is located about 5000 miles south of Hawaii. As a little kid, I was always competitive in all that I did especially when it came to sports. For example, racing was the one thing that I would say I mastered simply because I would out run all the kids that would race against me. Around the age of nine, that’s when my life started to turn in terms of blessings and trials.

One ordinary day at home, our phone rang and my mother answered it as if she would answer any other phone calls. The one thing that hit me was when she started to cry. As a kid, I went and hugged her keeping her comforted, but her emotions kept her weeping as time passed by. Minutes passed and seconds thrive by she continues to cry and little did I know, our plain ticket to come to America was in the process being made. The first thing that my mom said to me after hanging up was, “pack and get ready for the state of Washington.” The first thought in my mind was, “did someone in America win lottery money in our family?”

The plane landed in Hawaii and getting ready to switch planes made me angry not only because I had to fly there by myself but it already had been 15 hours since I’ve been in that plane. As I was getting ready to switch planes for my destination to Washington, the view of Hawaii made me realize how wonderful and beautiful God created everything. The first thing that came to mind was, wow this is really a beautiful place and I would love to live here. As I was sitting their waiting to exchange planes my cellar phone rang and it was my older Sister telling me that she was excited to pay our ticket because of how much she wanted see my mom and I. My reaction to this was nothing more that one word, “wow”, to find out at the moment that my older my sister had paid our fair made me realize that God had not forgotten about...
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