Autobiography of Rizal

Topics: José Rizal, Philippine Revolution, Philippines Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: October 8, 2011

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, is our National hero, he was born on June 19, 1861 at Calamba, Laguna. His parents are Mr. Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonzo.

With his mother as his first teacher, he began his early education at home and continued his study at Biñan, Laguna. He finished his Bachelor of Arts at the Ateneo de Manila on March 23, 1876 with flying colors. In 1877, he continues his study at University of Santo Tomas and University Central de Madrid taking up medicine and philosophy. In 1885 he finished both his medicine and philosophy. In Europe, he took graduate studies in Paris and Heidelberg. He learned to read and write different language including Greek and Latin.

Rizal’s two (2) books, the “NOLI ME TANGERE,” and “EL FILIBUSTERISMO,” made him a marked man to the Spaniards friars. These books exposed the cruelties of the friars in the Philippines the defects of the Spanish administration, and the vices of the clergy.

He returned to the Philippines in June 1892, and on July 3, 1892, he founded the “LA LIGA FILIPINA.” Its aim was to unite the Filipinos and promote through commerce, industry and agriculture.

On July 6, 1892, he was arrested and put in prison at Fort Santiago. On July 15, 1892, he was exile to Dapitan where he stayed for four years. In Dapitan he practice his medical profession, he treated the sick people and guiding the right of living. He encourages people to open up school and make their places safe and beautiful.

Dr. Jose P. Rizal was again arrested on September 3, 1896 while on his way to Cuba to serve as a volunteer surgeon, and was sent back to the Philippines. On November 3, 1896, he was imprisoned and put him in jailed for the second time in Fort Santiago.

On December 26, 1896, after a mock trial, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was sentenced to death, accusing him for the alleged spreading the ideals of the revolution. Before his verdict was consummated he made a great patriotic...
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