Autobiography of Lucy Grealy

Topics: Face, Bullying Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

Before I start, I just want to know who believe in the existence of fate. Personally I did not believe that fate exist in this world but after reading this depressing and inspiring story by Lucy Grealy, I saw how the crippled side of fate destroyed ones’ life. This author here, Grealy who wrote the book called Autobiography of a Face had a jaw removal because she had discovered cancer developing in her jaw. Fate is often twisted. It had turned a once sweet loving girl to face a cruel reality of losing a quarter of her face. This book had written all the struggles and many experiences of Grealy about the falls she had gone through. Lucy Grealy grew up in a large family. Apart from her parents and herself there were five more kids. They were originally from Ireland, but due to her father’s job, they had immigrated to the United States, Lucy was four at that time. When she was only nine years old, she got hit on the jaw by a ball. And from that point, her life was no longer normal like us. The pain that was on her jaw was not just sore, it last very long and she discovered tumor in her jaw, which was cancer. Cancer! Imagine if this happened on you, how would you feel or what would you do? I would probably commit suicide. But Grealy was strong enough to stand up and had her first surgery done, which was removing part of her jaw. From the age of nine to thirty-nine, she had chemo to treat her cancer, she had surgeries to fix her face, and she had a totally different life to go through. When I read up till page 40, I was shocked and horrified, how could a girl live without a jaw. This is like a quarter of your face is missing and you have to walk around in public. Well, this was one of the biggest conflicts she had to face. Her look had become a joke among students and strangers, the teasing and bullying were continued until she graduated high school. When she was in schools, people were looking at her with a weird and...
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