Autobiography of Fish

Topics: Fishing, English-language films, Fisherman Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: March 12, 2013
I was born at Fossybog, a lagoon. My childhood was quite amazing one. I just used to hover close to my mother, learning gimmicks of catching insects and eating plants for food. As I grew up, I ventured into the big seas. It was nothing less than pure fun and oodles of fright. I wandered with my group and had an adventurous life.| | One day I had a narrow escape, I was almost swallowed by a shark. But who knows the destiny? Within some days, I found myself into fisherman's net and was pulled to the shore. I was still breathing. Fortunately, I was picked up by Willy, the fisherman's son. He liked my glittery dark-brown colour. He carried me in a bucket of water to his home.Willy, a new young master put me in an aquarium. He kept feeding me and looked after me. It is wonderful to be loved. As I grew, he got a bigger aquarium. I was in his room, I enjoyed his company. I watched him following his daily routine.|

There was no fear from bigger fish in the home surroundings. Now, Willy and his younger brother both come, see me swim around and talks to me. Life for me has changed. I am not afraid of humans anymore. Willy is my best friend.I feel congested here, as my world has gone smaller. However, I believe that security and safety are not just the substance of life. It is necessary for all to develop and grow. I miss my friends and family and the thrilling challenges of the sea.Despite of this, I am taught to live in the present moment, pray for me that one fine day Willy come up with thought of releasing me into an ocean. Till then, I am contended and trying to enjoy my life to the fullest because the life is precious.| |

I am a fish, very small and cute. At one time a long long ago, I used to live in the depths of a river but, as time passed by, my life has changed a lot. This new life that I am spending now, is just wonderful, and I like it immensely. However, life was never hard on me. Even when I lived in the river, I was very happy as, life...
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