Autobiography : )


“Don’t try to be somebody else ‘cause you’re beautiful in you simplest but unique and glamorous way.” I am Milamar Camille Gasacao Jaype. I’m presently living in Bacolod City. I love fashion. That’s what I am when I’m wearing shorts and something fashionable above. I love collecting footwears especially VANS shoes. I want to go out with presentable clothes always. I love surfing the internet especially facebook. I check updates about how my friends are doing now. Facebook makes my day especially if I chatted with my besties. Actually, we don’t communicate in Facebook only but also in Twitter, Instagram, and Skype. I love collecting teddy bears and put it all on my bed. And when I sleep, I will feel more comfortable because of the fluffy toys around me. I love watching volleyball & basketball even in television especially NBA & UAAP. I will always be a #1 fan of Ateneo De Manila University Basketball Boys. I may sometimes be selfish, moody, demanding and rude but I will assure you that I will always be a good friend that will give advices when you’re feeling low, lend my shoulders when you’re sad, and give you my handkerchief when you cry. Sometimes, I like writing stories but that’s when I’m in the mood. I also love reading long stories especially sad love stories. Not that I’m excited about that, but I think, that’s the only kind of stories I don’t get bored with. My favourite boy band is One Direction. Some people say that they’re gay but I always defend them because it’s not true. They say things like that because of the just-for-fun and photoshop-edited pictures in the internet. I’m sure, only haters make-up stories like that. They say I’m “kabalan” and yeah, they’re wrong. I’m afraid of the dark, animals (except puppies,and i’m also afraid of height. The worst is, I am also “nerbyosa”. But even if I have all these fears, I will always be ready to face them with courage and hope. I will also pair it...
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