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My Two Chipped Teeth
Student Author: Andrew Kuhl

I really used to like to ride my skateboard down the hill in front of my house. One day, my friend Andre and I decided to take turns riding the skateboard on the slanted patio.
It was Andre’s turn to ride down, and I rode the skateboard up the patio to him. I kneeled with one knee on the skateboard and used the other foot to push myself up. One brick on the patio stuck out about half an inch.

I said to myself, “It’s an easy jump.” I prepared to lift the front wheels of my skateboard, but I was too late. I flew off the skateboard and hit the ground really hard with my face. Instantly, my lips swelled up and I could taste the blood in my mouth. I was scared and asked Andre, “Are my teeth okay?”

He said I had chipped off both of my front teeth. We had to go to the dentist. The dentist took many X-rays to see if the teeth were fractured. I was lucky again; they were not.
A few weeks late the dentist fixed the damage. My mom bit her lips and paid the bill. I don’t ride my skateboard much anymore. AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL INCIDENT

My Dream
Student Author: Joanne Johnson

Being a young ballet dancer, I had a dream of getting a solo or a main part in a ballet. My ballet instructor offered me a solo in the summer performance at the Fullerton College Theater. I was very exuberant about her decision. I practiced hard every day for two weeks. I rehearsed at my dance studio, under y teacher’s instruction.

On the day of the performance, I felt good physically and mentally, and I knew I was prepared to do well. Before the performance began, I stretched and reviewed my number on the stage. When I put on my makeup and costume, I felt nervous with anticipation.

As I stepped on the stage I had a new feeling. I would be dancing all alone for the first time. My number was called “Czech Sketches,” featuring music by Bedrich Smetana. Finally, it was my turn to go out and perform. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, thinking about my dance. Then, I made my entrance with confident thoughts.

The stage was blacked out, so no one could see me entering. I stepped into the center of the stage and waited for the music to begin. Then, the gentle music started and the spotlight was on me. I did my dance steps and saw the audience before me. A smile was on my face, telling the audience I was enjoying this moment.

I soon, came to the most difficult step in the dance. I had rehearsed this particular step at the studio, because I had had trouble with it. But, without making any mistakes, I danced completely through the whole number. The music was flowing throughout my body, and with my arms lifting through the air, I danced gracefully. Toward the end of the dance, I did my last jump and took my final pose. After it was all completed, I took my bows. The applause made me really happy, and I felt superb for performing well.

I was proud of my first solo, and I hope I have an opportunity to do it again. I received many compliments and flowers from my friends and family after the show. Even my instructor said I did well. After the performance, I felt I had improved my dancing. Younger dancers now look up to me. I had climbed another step in my ballet training. This event was a very special memory that I’ll keep as my treasure.


Swimming the Pier
Student Author: Nathan Thompson

This summer in the Junior Lifeguards program, I participated in a very challenging and exciting event – swimming around the Huntington Beach Pier. Junior Lifeguards is a lifeguard training program for boys and girls 9-17 years old. The program consists of fun, challenging activities, such as two-miles runs, sand sprints, body surfing, First Aid, and simulated rescues, but the event that my friends and I anticipated the most was the pier swim. Mr. Morita, our...
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