Autobiographical Letter

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Autobiographical essay

I was seven years old when I first met my mom and she had finally finished the legal papers that would allow my brothers and me to live in America with her. I have lived in Washington State for about ten years now. In all those years I have learned many things that I wouldn’t have been able to in the Philippines. I had help from many amazing teachers that wanted nothing more than to see me to succeed and reach my goals. I know that there will be many more that will contribute to guiding me to accomplish what I want. I am looking forward to meeting those people and being one of them as well. I hope that I will be capable of helping others as my past teachers have with me. When I am given opportunities I take advantage of them as much as possible and I appreciate everything that I have been given.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned is making the most out of the chances that are given to me because they will most likely benefit my future. The very first “big” opportunity that I had was when my mom took my brothers and me to stay with her in Washington. Ever since then I figured out very quickly that if I worked hard enough that I would have a better future. My mom taught me to take advantage of everything that will benefit my future. After learning this I have worked harder for all my goals in life. Hard work pays off in the end that’s exactly how I knew that I have learned the lesson. Every time that I have the opportunity I will do everything that I can in order to achieve that goal. Komogawa once said “Not everyone who works hard is rewarded, however all those who have succeeded have worked hard!” I will succeed through my hard work and the time I put into my goals.

Another pivotal lesson that I have learned is to appreciate everything that I have. My mom has taken care of my two older brothers and myself. She has done her best to give us what we have wanted and I...
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