Autobiographical Element

Topics: Gabriel García Márquez, Novel, Fiction Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: September 24, 2008
A quote with significance in everyone’s life, we all learn to judge others and their backgrounds but we forget about our own in the course. We are the reflection of who we believe in whether it is others or ourselves. I feel writing out about our experiences is an eye opener for everyone as well as for us. We don’t have to give an exact account of our history but have substantial examples to avoid being recognized as phonies, but instead giving an account of our experiences gives the novel or piece of work we are writing depth and progress. Therefore I have decided to compare the reflection of the autobiographical element felt in the two novels I am currently reading. When we talk about autobiography what it means is, auto means self writing and biographical means to relate to a fact or reality of a person’s life history in their own works. When the two words are put together as “autobiographical”, it means to narrate one’s personal history or just take a few significant aspects*. Though the author doesn’t directly write about the deep connection between the characters and her personal life but instead indirectly implicates the relationship between the real character and the factitious character in the novel.

In my own words, the importance of the author’s personal life in reflection to their novels is great because it gives us a more visual insight into their works and helps us to understand the meaning behind their opinions and this other world they have hidden from our eyes. The two books that I am reading at the moment have great substance to produce viable reason to believe that this other world is behind their reason to write such breathtaking novels. The two novels are “The house of the spirits” by Isabel allende and “One hundred years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. While I was reading these two novels I realized that there was an individual association between the novel and the author because it didn’t only reflect the significant...
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