Autobiograhical Essay

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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“Autobiographical Essay”
I still remember my first day of school. My mother grabbed me from home to school in the rains. I was very nervous to attend school and I remember I was crying at that time. I started making new friends in my classroom. At that moment, I felt very excited to start using colorful pencils. I picked one of them from my little pencil box and I tried to write Myanmar alphabet. It’s true that the first time is very difficult and I even couldn’t handle my pencil. I tried a thousand times to write the first Myanmar letter “Ka” but I felt very disappointed for the reason that I couldn’t use the pencil very well and I had to use the eraser all the time. At that moment, my class teacher came to motivate me. She held my hand and she showed me how to write an alphabet. I tried again and again. One day, Mom bought me a tiny table which was decorated with English alphabet “A, B, C, D, etc.” I love this little table very much and always used this table when I studied English words. Mom still keeps this table in my room till now. Furthermore, my parents and my brother helped me a lot in doing homework. After finishing Grade- (1), I could write every single letter both in Myanmar and in English. I will never forget the days of learning-how-to-write. Since I was young, my parents encouraged me to read the newspaper both in Myanmar and in English in order to gain knowledge. I still remember that I always asked my grandmother to read “Bo Bo” which was a very famous comic among kids in Myanmar. We read various kinds of books together every single night and yes, my grandmother was the first person who taught me how to read. Dad also bought many English VCDs for me to be familiar with English. “Power Rangers, Tom and Jerry and Mr. Bean” were my first very favorite English series. Since I was young; I was quite acquainted with reading English subtitle. When I grew up, I was in touch with books and I was highly interested in reading Myanmar...
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