Auto-Tube Is Ruining the Music Industry

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Practice makes perfect, not pitch perfect.

As I turned my key to start the ignition of my car, the radio started to play ‘I kissed a Girl’, and at that moment, I was struck with a memory. You know when you’re in one of those moods to watch random videos on YouTube, and once the video is done you click on a related a video. Well, I remember I was watching this baby kitten who is just too cute for life, and maybe 20 related videos later, I was intrigued by the head tittle of ‘Katy Perry without auto-tune’. As I watched this video, I heard Katy Perry’s voice live. As watching this video, I was very disappointed to see her surrounded by fans who bought tickets to watch her perform. My disappointment was a result from her unbearable voice, the voice that when not sung live, we are deceived. This is when it dawned on me; imagine if the radio played artists singing live, no one would listen to the radio. Is it safe to thank God for auto-tune so we don’t have to hear horrible voices on the radio? Not on my watch it is. I know Jimi Hendrix is the one who said ‘music doesn’t lie’, but then again, he died in 1970, before auto-tune was invented. The music we listen to now is a lie because it is not true and sincere. Music isn’t as authentic as it once was, before 1997 when Auto-tune was invented. Ironically, just how I accidently was navigated to watching Katy Perry live, Auto-tune was an accident as well. Digital music says, “Auto-Tune was accidentally invented by an Exxon (now ExxonMobil) scientist while doing seismic data interpretation using sound waves. It was eventually realized that this technology could be used to detect, interpret, and alter pitch, and the rest, as they say, is history. The engineer was Andy Hildebrand, who was working on methods to interpret seismic data while at Exxon Production Research.” This software corrects and makes less than average pitch and voice perfect. So, lousy artists are being rewarded with big dollars with products. The...