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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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Kerrian Brown
Mr. Feilke
6 May 2010

Automotive Safety
Automotive safety is the most important concepts in the automotive industry. In an auto shop, you should always be wearing safety glasses to prevent eye injury. You also should have durable boots or proper footwear to prevent physical injury. Most chemicals in an auto shop require the use of gloves. Also when dealing with polluted air wear a respirator to prevent asphyxiation.

Some accidents that may occur in an auto shop are fires, explosions, asphyxiation, chemical burns, physical injury, and electric shock. The improper storage of flammable can cause fires. Sparks next fuel tanks can create explosions. The breathing of toxic or poisonous substances can result in asphyxiation. Chemical burns can come from contact with battery acid. The use of electric tools without a ground prong can cause electric shock. The use of equipment that one is unfamiliar with can result in physical injury.

There is always a way to a way to avoid accidents. If you are not sure about a piece of equipment or anything ask your instructor for help or a demonstration. To avoid fires store flammables in approved sealed containers and disconnect batteries while working or a fuel system. Keep heat and sparks away from fuel tanks to avoid explosions. Wear a respirator around toxic substances to avoid asphyxiation. Wear the proper clothing and rubber gloves to avoid chemical burns. Never use electric tools unless it has a functional ground prong. To avoid physical injury while lifting heavy objects, lift with a straight back and bent knees. Also wear the proper clothing or equipment for that specific job.

Most of the safety rules in general are common sense. The most important overall is wear eye protection. This rule is broken more than any rule. Also always under any circumstance keep the shop organized. Remember a clean shop is a happy shop. In a auto shop dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing and...
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