Auto-Mart: DIFM and DIY

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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I would have preferred a third option in the discussion board question, a DIFM and DIY option together and I would have definitely selected this option. I believe Auto-Mart would have benefited the most if it had the enough resources and finances to adopt that third option. The auto repair market has a lot of competition, so Auto-Mart could target both consumers. Having a hassle free auto repair shop and a fully packed parts store will enable Auto-Mart to offer a wide range of customers for repairs and parts. Moreover, customers will have the ability to choose the best parts and have them installed at Auto-Mart; thus Auto-Mart “will kill two birds in one stone”. But since we are asked to choose only option, I would suggest that Auto-Mart should emphasis its business on the DIFM. According to Ags company, the NPD report concluded that “68% OF U.S. CONSUMERS PREFER DIFM TO DIY” in the auto service industry (2012). It is mainly because people need to maintain their car in its best order to prolong its life span, this makes absolute sense. We use our car daily for the longest possible time, and we have spent a descent amount of cash , so why risk doing a repair service ourselves when we are able to get a trustworthy professional technician to the job. Additionally, most people might not have the free time to do a project themselves, and even if they did it might end up costing them the same if they don’t have right equipment for the job. Therefore Auto-Mart best business emphasis should be a DIFM type of business. A “do-it-yourself” business will cater for customers who shop for parts and accessories, and tend to install the products themselves. It is basically for the customers who have the time and skills to complete many projects. Some stores like Home Depot have an “our hands-on workshops” and “1-2-3 books” to provide the “do it yourself” customers with the skills and expectations needed to complete many projects around their homes (Home Depot, 2011)....
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