Topics: Writing, Writing style, Writing process Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Vincent Verduzco
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


The methods of writing vary in people almost as much as fingerprints are different. This paper, hence the title, studies the way that I write. The sample of writing the study is being conducted on is an essay that I wrote using a prompt which asks the effects that technology has had on society over the years; with an emphasis on the recent years, meaning the past ten to fifteen years with the start of the internet. The paper is coded using methods writing, talking, reading, planning and editing. I steered my study towards that of Perl (1970) who conducted a study on under skilled college students and their writing process.

Whether they know it or not, each individual has a process of writing that they follow every time they write. Whether it is planning, outlining or just “going with the flow” every single person has one. In order to figure out what mine was, I did a study on me writing a paper on the effects of technology on society. I am not in biology so I didn’t use a CPR assignment I just used an SAT practice prompt. I recorded myself writing on using the camera on my iMac and what I found was actually pretty interesting. When I write I use no initial outline or planning before I actually put pen to paper. It took me around three hours to finish the paper but only about an hour and a half of the time was me writing. The rest of the time I was laying my head on the desk, messing with my phone, or reading everything I had written so far. I did that a lot, I read over and over what I wrote to make sure it sounded okay and then I ended up editing a pretty .because most of it was written, read, and then edited, so I had to find a way to code it with all three methods. I feel like I resembled the writing style of Tony, whom Perl (1970) studied in her experiment. He, along with me, couldn’t write long without stopping and rereading and then having to talk about what he...
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