Auto Biography

Topics: High school, Basketball, Missouri Pages: 4 (1630 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Composition 1
Mr. Belcher
January 28, 2013

Auto Biography
My name is Robraneque Lanesha McGowin I was born in and raised half of my life in Kansas City Missouri. My parents are Robert and Alonda McGowin, both of my parents were born and raised in Kansas City Missouri also. I have 5 siblings they are all males. Their names from oldest to youngest are Mark McGowin who is 34 years old, Deandre McGowin 22 years old, Deantrea McGowin 21 years old, and Jeremiah McGowin who is the youngest 17 years old. I really don’t know where to start so I guess ill began with grade school and go from there. All my grade school years I went to Lee. A. Tolbert Community Academy were I attended Extended Day which is like a 3 hour program after school were you have different activities you participate in to keep you busy after school hours when you could be doing something less productive in the streets like getting in trouble or hanging out with the wrong crowd. Other then attending extended day my most important thing doing was basketball. I was introduced to the games of basketball when I was 5 years old at girls Basketball Camp at Rockhurst awhile going to the camp I had received numerous of awards for my talents that I and my family had discovered that I had. It was clear that I was a natural talent, so from that moment my father and mother made sure I stayed playing the sport of basketball up until I was old enough to push my own self. It’s odd because when I was younger back then my love and drive for the game of basketball was at its all time high I would always have a basketball in my hand or somewhere near one. It was when I reached 5th grade and I told my father I wanted to play basketball in high and hopefully pass there. At the time I stayed in Kansas City, Missouri which don’t have the best high schools in general when it comes to having a great academic background, so because of that my parents decided to move from the city to...
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