Topics: Life, Death, Nature Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Victor Frankenstein was always fascinated with his studies witch ultimately lead to the creation of the monster. Since Victor Frankenstein felt isolated from the outside world, one would assume that he built the monster to have a companion and to perfect humanity in the process but he ultimately fails. Even though he created the monster, Frankenstein was appalled to see he had created such a grotesque abomination and had no intension in keeping him around. If only the monster would have received understanding from his creator the tragic event would have never occurred. As he began to learn from the world around him, the monster learns what he is and is angered with humanity for not seeing past his unnatural features, and sees into his kind nature. Society is the cause for the monster suffering. Both victims in the story are Victor Frankenstein and the monster. Victor suffers greatly physically and emotionally as his loved on die of one by one by the hands of his own creation. He really never realized he was at fault for the tragic deaths and not the monster, because the monster was just like a child, and he really had no idea what was right from wrong. All the monster felt was hate, hate towards humanity because the isolated him. When the monster asked Victor Frankenstein for a companion, if only victor had completed the second monster his on hope and joy in life, Elizabeth would have lived so Frankenstein is to blain for his creations actions such as a parent is responsible a child. There are many things to learn after reading Frankenstein. One would learn to accept every living being, looking past a creatures appearance is hard at first but getting to know a creature as a gift from this happy nature. A child is something precious that life gives us, so we mustn’t take the matter of new life lightly. The way a child grows will depend on the childhood it has. Love conquers all so appreciate life and every living thing.
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