Autistic Children

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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IIntroduction Paragraph
a. Hook: Autistic children experience the world differently than others.

b. Background Information:
i. Can't use words; can't communicate
ii. Sounds and noises bother them

c. Thesis Statement:
We need to learn more about Autism so we can handle it.

IIBody Paragraph

a. Paragraph 1 - Topic Sentence:
Autism affects around 1 in every 150 children.

i. Supporting detail/example/explanation 1:
1. Autism affects boys more than girls.
2. Doctors can't determine exactly what causes Autism

a. Autism could be genetic
b. Mind is complicated to determine the cause of Autism
c. Doctors work with parents to find out if the symptoms are Autism or not.

b. Paragraph 2 - Topic Sentence:
So far, no cure has been found for Autism.

i. Supporting detail/example/explanation 2:
1. Doctors and Therapists work with Autistic chidden to help them communicate.
2. Some Autistic children can grow to live other own.

a. They learn sign language to communicate.
b. They learn Social Skills.
c. Minor Autism can be managed.

IIIConcluding Paragraph
a. Restate/Summarize main points:
1. Autistic children act differently to the environment around them than others.
2. The human brain is so complicated that doctors are having a hard time to find the cause.
3. Doctors and Therapists give training and therapy programs for Autistic children.
4. There is no cure for Autism

b. Advice/Suggestion:
1. We should read and learn more about Autism.
2. There should be a large budget for scientists to help find a cure for Autism.
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