Autism Essay

Topics: Autism, Mental retardation, Genetic disorders Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Autism is a widely known genetic disorder that affects a large number of people, 5 in every 400 children in Australia have the disorder and quite often show any sings of it until they are at the ages of 3. Common effects of autism include the most widely know delay in speech patterns and challenges with being more social and really any form of communication.

Autism as of late has no cure, but there are many establishments that have been known to help accommodate to the irregularity’s that are considered hindrances, however not everything is bad about autism and there are some upsides to the disorder, such as the fabled improved counting through their own methods (This has been the plot of a few movies, most notably Rain man.) or the enhanced creativity or memory. The main symptoms of the disorder are as follows not responding to their own name by one year of age, avoiding eye contact or wanting to be alone often. They may have trouble feeling empathy towards others feelings or they may not wish to talk about their own. They repeat words and phrases over and over, give answers to unrated to questions, have obsessed hobbies and the most interesting in my eyes is the way that they react to things around them such as an unusual smell or touch.

There is know known cause of Autism or any of the sub groups that fall under the name. But it is theorised that there are many causes for many different types of autism. Having a sibling or parent with it could raise possibilities of getting ASD, or it may be a random gene error. There was a rumour that those poor parenting practices like spanking or smoking around the child would lead to and down right cause Autism, but that has since been disregarded, though a smart ploy to get parents to step up a bit.

In about 1 in 10 children with Autism are also diagnosed with, Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, tuberous Syndrome or any other genetic chromosome disorder. Roughly 75% of autistic kids have some quality of mental...
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