Autism-Asperger's Compare/Contrast

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  • Published : May 18, 2012
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In this paper I will be discussing the difference between Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. There are six different kinds of Autism but in this paper I am going to talk about two of them. Asperger's Syndrome is a form of Autism, but they have their differences and similarities. Asperger's affects different areas then Autism. In my people i will discuss what those areas are. Even though these children have these disorders they can be intelligent in their own way, and in different areas. Autism is usually diagnosed before a child reaches kindergarten. Autism is confusing and attacks little kids for no apparent reason. (Allman 8) Autism is life altering and a challenge for everybody involved. Children who have Autism can break out in a tantrum over the littlest of things. If something doesn't go their way they get upset or angry and do things to hurt themselves or other people. Although Autism can be managed by therapy and treatment, it doesn't completely get rid of Autism is just makes it more manageable Allman 8-9). Treatments and therapy is studied to help about 25% be indistinguishable from other people (Allman 9). Autism is one of the many disorders in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It can be defined as a high complex disorder that affects the brain’s ability to develop any kind of social or communication skills. Many scientists don’t exactly know how autism is developed; it can be brought on genetically, or just happen. Autism has different levels; it can be mild, moderate, or severe. Not every child who has autism is exactly alike, there symptoms and severity of the disorder are all different. (Allman 22-24). There are two types of autism, low functioning and high functioning. In high functioning it is considered to be Asperger’s Syndrome, they have several different characteristics that may indicate a worse form of the disorder, having language at the age of six, showing a particular skill (like computers or music), and having an IQ level above 50. Low...
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