Autism and Mental Retardation

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  • Published : July 9, 2010
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Appendix F

Autism and Mental Retardation

Respond to the following:

1. List the primary features of autism.

Individuals with autism experience a lack of responsiveness, language and communication problems, limited imaginative play, rigid behavior, unusual motor movements, and overstimulation or understimulation (Comer, 2005).

2. Which explanation for autism is no longer considered valid and lacks research support?

The sociocultural theory of autism is not supported by research and therefore is not considered valid. Basically this theory is based upon the idea that autism is a result of factors like cold or rejecting parents, but studies have not been able to prove this to be true (Comer, 2005).

3. What forms of treatment are helpful for a person with autism?

Behavioral therapy, communication training, parent training, and community integration are all helpful autism treatments (Comer, 2005). All of these treatments are geared towards helping children with autism communicate and behave in a more positive way.

4. List the criteria for a diagnosis of mental retardation:

Below average general intellectual functioning and poor adaptive behavior are the two main criteria for diagnosis of mental retardation. A low IQ score and difficulty in areas like...
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