Autism and Language

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Environmental Factors Influence Language Development in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

1 - Abstract
This report will identify and critically discuss and analyze a contemporary piece of research based on environmental factors that influence the language development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I am going to recognize and address my own strengths and weaknesses and look at research and analyze the work of others. 2 - Audience

Looking at the journal article on Autism it does not clearly state who the intended audience is. It does however say that the study is hoping to bring new hopes for environmentally based therapies. This could mean that it is being aimed at people who work with Autistic children such as parents, practioners and other professionals. This article could be of some benefit to parents, carers, special educational needs workers, support workers and any other professionals who work with Autistic children as it could provide them with some knowledge on the topic. It is aimed at a narrow target audience. 3 - Introduction

According to Wong (2010) the title of the research proposal should be concise and descriptive. Looking at and examining the title of the journal it gives a clear definition of what the journal article is going to be about and is descriptive. The title is "Environmental influences and how it affects the language development of children with Autistic spectrum disorder", so this is clear because it tells you about what is having an effect on the language of a child who has autism. This is helpful if the reader has no knowledge of the topic. The author does clearly define a research topic on Autism spectrum disorder. By looking at the journal article according to Grandgeorge et al (2009) Autism and behavior are linked but some environmental factors such as parenting styles do not affect an autistic child, where as the biological and genetic side do which then causes them to be socially withdrawn....