Authors with Sexual Thoughts

Topics: Psychology, Psychoanalysis, The Old Man and the Sea Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Authors With Sexual Thoughts
All psychoanalytic approaches to literature have one matter in common, and that is the critics begin with a deep psychological theory of how and why people act as they do, a belief that psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts outside of the realm of literature developed. They claim this psychological theory as a normal to interpret and evaluate a literary work. The developer of the concepts and details of the theory will differ, but the theories are all universalist in orbit, positing patterns of demeanor that are not dependent on times, places, and cultures. The Old Man and The Sea is an unusually quiet and relaxed novel but seems to show excellent examples of the psychoanalytic approach. The Old Man and The Sea shows appreciable repression with the old man, the Oedipus complex with the young boy, and phallic and vaginal symbols within the story.

Throughout The Old Man and The Sea, there were many illustrious repression thoughts within the old man. Throughout the novel, the old man has many repression moments some examples are when the old man always wishes for the boy and wonders if he needs to “Think about something cheerful” (Hemingway 104) during the time he is asleep. When the old man was at sea, he has many repressions when it came to the young boy. He “ wish the boy was here” (Hemingway 50) so he could help him catch this massive swordfish that the old man had hooked on the other end of the line. He represses about the young boy perhaps because of the fact that he wants to feel young again, and by repressing about the young boy he is allowing himself to feel young again. The old man seems to repress quite a bit with the boy, but also seems to wonder about if he is in a dream or not. When the old man is at sea and is going back to the village with the capture of the swordfish, he comes to the realization that it “Might as well have been a dream” (Hemingway 101) because of all the sharks coming and attacking the fish...
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