Topics: Human, Morality, The Holocaust Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: May 17, 2013
People in charge are flawed human beings as well as the rest, so they do not always make the right moral decisions. Authority figures tend to make mistakes when choosing what actions to take when necessary, therefore their ideas should always be questioned. Hitler is a great example of someone who should have been questioned. Jack from Lord of the Flies is also another instance in which someone's decision's should be investigated. Even though someone is in charge, does not mean they always choose the right way to do things. Although Hitler was a dominant leader, his actions were not morally correct. He blamed, tortured, and murdered innocent people for the misfortunes of his country. His followers were Germans who apparently weren't brave enough to interrogate his suggestions. If Hitler's approaches would have been addressed by a group of his “fans” I believe there could have been a different result of the holocaust. His choices were definitely not for the well being of all the citizens. In the book Lord of the Flies, Jack, the leader of the boys did not always know the right thing to do... he thought what he was doing was right, but it was not. The boys on the island did not question what jack did or said, therefore he did whatever he wanted, and the others agreed and went along with it. He bullied Piggy, and no one did anything about it. He started to eventually kill children on the island. The other boys should have seen that was he was doing was wrong, and stopped him, but again they were not brave enough. A person with authority can feel greatly dominant, in a bad way, if you give them the opportunity. Their decision's should be questioned by a group of people to check if it's absolutely the right thing to do. Hitler was not investigated, so he killed innocent people. Jack was not interrogated, so he did hardly anything to benefit the boys while they were trying to survive on the island. If you don't question someone in charge, you might not know...
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