Authoritative Style

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Authoritative style of managing

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The key for good working company is, beside the employees, the manager. Manager is the person to manage the employees and everything that needs to be managed, so that the company prospers. For getting the aim, the manager has to combine his managing the way it supports the production the best. As every employee, or a group of few employees does different parts of work, that together makes the whole thing that the company is about to produce, it is very important to manage them wisely, not loose any time or forces and motivate everyone for the best performance. Managing the company is very difficult, what is caused mostly by the company’s complexity. It is composed of many units and sections, that can’t work without any coordination, control and motivation, as I already mentioned. These three thing are exactly what good manager needs to do a these are the qualities the manager must have. Authoritative style of managing is based on discipline, order and obedience. The employees are dependent on the manager, the head of their group or whole company, which is assumed to be right and makes the right decisions.

The employees are required to listen to the every word the authoritative manager says and to fulfill every command they get. This managing style is very helpful in crisis, when the company does not have any time to think what to do or panic. Also it is good to be used where the employees are not qualified enough to do what is needed to be done.

Authoritative style is very directive and every decision is made form the leaders spot, while the employees does not have any chance to give their opinions or discuss the problems and tasks with the manager.

The style is based on orders and commands and the subordinations have no opportunity to participate and contribute on the problem’s solution. That means that they do not even have a chance to make the production more...
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