Authoritarian and Democratic Leadership

Topics: Management, Leadership, Social psychology Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: November 19, 2012
What an authoritarian leader would do in this situation:
Authoritarian leadership style is characterised by high
power distance, “top-down” management, with a focus of
power in top managers and executives. Further traits include high control, prescription, and authority.
What an authoritarian leader would do depends on the
level of power perceived. On one extreme, the leader
would make all decisions by himself or herself, and only
assign the tasks to employees without allowing any questions or feedbacks. In this case, subordinates are merely
considered as tools or pawns, without any real strategic
functions. Another less extreme possibility is that the
leader makes decision and try to convince his/her subordinates that it is in their best interest to accept them.
In this case, the manager of the department would try to
identify and analyze the problems by himself, then make
decisions and try to enforce this on employees. This can
be done by, for example, ordering that all employees sit in
the same table during lunch, or cooperating more with
each other. The merger also results in a considerable
number of lay-offs, therefore some employees might still
hold bitter feelings about the change. However, the matters
concerning employee morale is of less importance to
the authoritarin leader, thus he or she would have low regard for it. Furthermore, the leader could even use lay-offs
as a threat against any disloyalty in employees’ behaviors. 2. DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLE
What a democratic leader would do in this situation:
Democratic leadership, on the other extreme of the continuum, is characterised by low power distance, “bottomup”
management, with power centred in lower levels of execution. Other traits include low control, more autonomy,
with more consulting and facilitating involved.
What a democratic leader would do depends on the level
of freedom involved. On one extreme, the leader would only
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