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1| Authenticity|
2| What is Authentic Leadership|
3| What Authentic Leaders do?|
4| Authenticity and Teams|
5| Authenticity Improves Business Results|
6| Conclusion|

“The definition of the word “authentic” is credible, genuine, reliable, worthy of trust or not fake. A leader is someone who rules, guides or inspires people; takes the initiative to devise a plan of action.”

“Authenticity is the building block or the beginning point for true leadership, expression, and self-fulfillment. Authenticity requires a perspective that looks first at the inside and then expresses outwardly, a dedication to personal mastery, and a commitment to ever increasing consciousness. The sum total is the movement toward the integral being. Integral beings experience a life of oneness with themselves and their universe. They act from the wholeness of this experience. There is harmony and unique synchronicity between their beliefs and actions.” Debashis Chatterjee (Leading Consciously) In the field of positive psychology, authenticity is defined as “owning one’s personal experiences, be they thoughts, emotions, needs, preferences, or beliefs, processes captured by the injunction to know oneself” and “behaving in accordance with the true self” (Harter, 2002, p. 382). The word “authentic” emerges as a very popular term in various fields in the 21st century. In 2002, the same year that Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness was published, the field of management and leadership was rocked by the best-seller Authentic Leadership written by Bill George, a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School. What is Authentic Leadership?

According to George’s definition in Harvard Business Review, authentic leaders are “good in their skin,” so good they don’t feel a need to impress or please others. They not only inspire those around them, they bring people together around a shared purpose and a common set of values and motivate them to create value for everyone involved.’  In the publication Positive Organizational Scholarship, Luthans and Avolio (2003) define authentic leadership as “a process that draws from both positive psychological capacities and a highly developed organizational context, which results in both greater self-awareness and self-regulated positive behaviors on the part of leaders and associates, fostering positive self-development “(p. 243). The logic is simple: we cannot imitate other people’s leadership. We can’t be another Jack Welch or Bill Gates by just doing what they did (we can learn from their experiences for sure), because what successful leaders have in common are not styles and images, but their substance and integrity. We have to then learn to be our own kind of leaders. The thought of being a leader may seem like an appealing idea to the ego, but the reality of what being an authentic leader implies scares the ego to death. It means ego death. Why? Because it means that we actually care so much about a higher purpose, a higher principle, a higher goal that we're willing to make the most important sacrifices for the sake of what we are aspiring to accomplish. It means we care so passionately about others also reaching that goal that we unhesitatingly sacrifice our own peace of mind, comfort, and security in order for them to succeed. It really means that we have no choice left anymore because we have realized without any doubt that from now on, it's up to us. We have realized that One without a Second. We have realized that there is no other and there never could have been. What is so interesting about authentic leadership is this very insight: that once we have arrived, there is no longer any point of return. We have become one with destiny itself. What Authentic Leaders do?

Here are the things that authentic leaders do on a regular basis: 1. They speak their truth. In business today, we frequently 'swallow our truth'. We...
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